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Question I just got MORE indecisive... need input :P

I found this site while trying to find alternatives to the whole Kindle/nook/Sony (though I'm still considering these as well, just wanted a bigger variety.)

I've looked at the spreadsheet of different readers, and it just made it harder! (I don't understand half the jargon, and one of my key components doesn't seem to be there--price!)

Bottom line: I want something basic and affordable, but well made. I want to read, and want to get as close to reading a real book as you can get, which means I don't want unnecessary distractions added in... connectivity, color, touch screen, internet/messaging etc. I live in the US, read mostly fiction/biography/history, and most of the e-books I find are in pdf form. Also, I'm right handed since that sometimes seems to matter. :P

Here's what I want to do with it:

-- I want to be able to read pdf e-books. Nothing technical, no pictures... I've been surfing around trying to see how the text-only pdfs size up on readers.
-- Crisp, easy to read format that's easy on the eyes. Seems fairly standard, but I've never handled one of these up close.
-- Less expensive (or at the very least not more expensive) than a Kindle.
-- Room to customize, especially in organization of files and font size.
-- Well made. I don't intend to have more than one e-reader, at least for a very long while.
--Decent battery life.

Here's what I don't want it to do:

-- I have no interest in extra bells and whistles (the only ones I ever found remotely appealing was the text-to-speech that Kindle has and being able to access a dictionary at will). I don't need it to connect to the internet, surf the web, or message a friend. I just want to read.
-- Color of any kind. (The nook just looks so distracting to me)

Things I'd love but aren't deal breakers:

-- SD card storage.
-- Being able to take notes.
-- Dictionary.
-- Text to speech.
-- The ability to play MP3s for audio books.

Things that don't bother me:

-- Having to use a stylus.
-- Having to download on a computer and transfer to the device (actually prefer it.)

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