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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
Why not just import the html files. No need to convert to rtf. A TOC file is just an html file with href entries in it. At the top of the TOC put in a tag <a name="TOC"></a> to indicate the location of the toc entry. (A toc doesn't have to be in a file by itself.

because the EBW librarian messes up the formatting, and i cant edit HTML prior to importing it to epub. i like RTF because it allows me to set formatting standards, and search/replace/edit certain features. much easier than epub.

sorry, but i dont know a thing about programming, or HTML, i am barely able to figure out what i have so far, the <a name="TOC"></a> thing i figured out, but how do i tell the reader that this TOC entry goes *here* in a document? if you could post a sample of a working TOC, and the tags that tell it where to link to, id appreciate it.
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