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Switching fonts from Sans to Serif

To: Experienced iLiad users
I posted this question on the iRex forum but have received no response, so I'll try it here.
As a new iLiad user I'd appreciate if someone could tell me how to switch fonts to read text files. The iRex Forum FAQ Topic area in the Sticky:FAQ:Fonts says,
1. Which fonts are currently supported?
Vera Sans, Vera Sans Mono, Vera Serif and MS Hei.

Thats great to know, but nowhere can I find how I actually choose which one I want to use. I seem to be stuck in the Vera Sans Serif mode and I'd like to be able to switch to the Vera Serif.
I thought that this capability might be limited to a particular file format, but I have tried to find a way to change fonts when reading both txt and prc files but with no luck. The group of icons on the bottom left of the page has two icons for increasing and decreasing font size and these work, but there is an icon just to the left of these two which looks as if it might be font-related but it is always greyed out.
There is no mention of any of this in any of the manuals!!?? Any help would be appreciated.
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