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Originally Posted by jabberwock_11 View Post
personally I really like the support and set up that BeBook has going for it.
I have to disagree with this point slightly. I was seriously considering a Neo as my first reader. Through the Australian Bebook site the price of the Neo is insane, $589. The mybebook site detects your IP address and defaults to your currency (and I'm guessing the price of any suppliers in your country), so you can't even buy it at the US price. Several people emailed Bebook about this and didn't get replies for days. As far as I am aware, the only reply they made was on the mybebook forum. They lost at least three Aussie sales because of this.

Having said that, the Aussie supplier of Bebooks did get back to me in a timely fashion and offered me $30 off the price, but still at $539 it was way more than the Onyx Boox would have cost me, including shipping. Sadly, they weren't available until a couple of weeks after my birthday, so I went with a Pocketbook 360. I'll get a 6" around Christmas if I think the 360 is too small.

Onyx on the other hand emailed me back within the hour and sometimes immediately after I sent an email. I was very impressed with the communication with them. The ONLY reason I didn't order a Boox was the April 2nd shipping date.
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