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As to charging - yeah, they are a completely green operation. They use solar panels, grow 95% of their food, compost, etc etc. Kinda neat I work in an environmental office, and specifically on green projects.

Harry - Less are non-legit than you might think. I have academic licenses for a number of sites, so the nonfic is largely from ACM - I believe their policy states for personal usage. Some I have ganked via torrents, but when I was looking through the folders - not the majority. Most of it is articles leftover from thesis research.

As to the non-legit material, I will keep this in mind in the future. I did not consider it 'bragging' more a matter of my own frustration with file structures and context dependencies for naming. I've been fighting with format issues for the past few weeks in preparation for leaving. And hoping that someone could point me to an equivalent of 'tag&rename' mp3 rename/metadata editor, but for document files. I handle the various document protocols and the control plan for my organization, so that would be useful for even professional purposes ;p
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