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Thank you...

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
sadly you've fallen into the same trap as many others discovering ebooks. pdf is not a good format for reading on a dedicated device, unless it has been formatted specifically for that screen size
You'd think they would take the time to format it to the screen size of your reader? All it takes is to ask you what reader you have, and then convert the eBook (on the fly or pre-convert) to suit that device's screen.

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
the best format to get is epub ; it will "reflow" (adapt to the size of the screen while preserving layout and document styles) which means you can zoom or read your book on any device you have available.
Right, I shall keep this in mind. I have had a look around the sites I know of and the sites your have suggested and it seems no one offers books in ePub format. I assume this is because of the lack of DRM ePub offers publishers/authors?

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
i don't have any experience personally with but you might try contacting their customer support. explain your problem, and if the book is available in another format, ask to exchange it. if it's not available you can try requesting a refund. i don't promise this will work, but it's worth a try.
Yes, I suppose I could try that. I'll see if they can, perhaps, offer me an ePub version; it's not likely though.

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
if the book is not available in epub format, other formats can much more easily be converted to epub, including .lit (MS Reader) and .mobi / .prc (Mobipocket).
They are the three options I've seen: PDF, MS Reader and Mobi Pocket. I'll see if they will give me one of those versions instead.

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
1. try calibre (free download, see the "calibre" forum here) ; you'll have to remove the drm first (google)
Calibre is incredibly annoying. It does a good job though, when it moves its backside

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
feel free to take a look around and ask any more questions. we've got some very knowledeable people here who can help you with anything. welcome to the forum !
Thanks for your help! You've supplied me with enough knowledge to now do some research and come to a resolution to this issue.

Originally Posted by kacir View Post
A quick and dirty remedy is to use the Reader in lansdcape.
Press and hold the size button and the book will display in landscape so the characters on that unfortunate pdf are a little bit bigger. Not an ideal solution, but ...
This worked very well, actually. I didn't think to try this. Landscape mode makes the reader about annoying to hold in bed, but it means I can read the book now, so not a complete waste.

Thank you both for your suggestions and tips. I shall go away and do some research and return with my findings and share the results (good or bad).


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