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PRS-600 Sticky Page Turn Buttons

Hi everyone.
I've had my PRS-600 for a while now. I use it about 5 evening a week on average. I usually turn the pages with the page turn buttons. Just this week, when I turn a page, it doesn't stop turning them unless I press another button e.g. page turn in the reverse direction. It could be that the button is sticking I suppose, but I am wondering if it was a known fault and if anyone else has had this problem yet. The problem occurs when I turn pages in both the backward and forward directions.

I bought it online from WH Smith, and I've just read a few harrowing tales on the forum from people who have tried to return the unit to Sony under the warranty only to be asked for pay 200 and odd pounds for a repair.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

I really like the idea of an ebook reader, but having now owned one for a while I'd not buy a black and white one again. I read some technical books that use colour and this of course looses it's affect in the 600.

I used to use Stanza on my Ipod Touch which was a really good reader, so if I ever update I may go for the iPad from apple.
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