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I've pushed out a new test version that implements a rudimentary Xhtml Import function. The file is currently not validated against any Xhtml dtd but it must be valid xml with the Xhtml default namespace (i.e. <html xmlns="">).

As always, the autoupdater will offer to download the newest version the 2nd time you launch it after the update is published.

Only a small subset of tags will be imported (div, span, p, h1-6, b, i, img). Any other tags and their contents will be ignored. All attributes (class, style, etc.) are currently ignored except on the img tag.

Imported img tags should also create an empty Image in the Images folder with the correct file name. But you would still have to import the corresponding .jpg file for this to be useful.

Please try importing a few of your Xhtml documents and let me know if they come through.

Right now all imported items are dumped in a generic page. There isn't any convenient way to move these in bulk to another page or chapter. I'll be working on that next.

@quillaja: thanks for checking this out. If you'd like to help, there are plently of programming and non-programming tasks that need to be done. Feel free to PM me through this board if you have time to help.

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