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Originally Posted by Rarzipace View Post
I'm with pricecw on the Javascript issue. I browse with NoScript and there's little I dislike more in terms of web design than a site that won't load word one without JS enabled. I understand that functionality may be limited with JS turned off, and for the most part I'm fairly free with my "temporarily allow" option, but if you can't be bothered to offer so much as a "Sorry, you need to enable Javascript to view this page" when I come in with JS turned off (and a reduced functionality version of the site is better), then I'm turned right off.

Why should/would I alter my browsing habits to view your site? You can't tell me if all you're showing me is a mostly-blank page with some garbled remnants of content. The anti-JS contingent online is probably pretty small, so it's reasonable to decide you don't care what we think. Just don't expect us to care to view your site--again, if I can't see anything, you can't tell me why your site is worthy of an exemption to my global blacklist.
Hi Rarzipace, it's not that I don't care what you, Pricecw or other anti-scripters think, It's just a matter of priorities and pleasing the majority first.

I will get around to putting a "please turn on scripting to view this site" message up on the home page. I'm just not sure when that will percolate to the top of my list.

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