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It's on the truck...

According to the FedEx tracking website, my new Astak will be here sometime today. I know I will have to contain my enthusiasm and give it time to charge - probably up here on my desk where I can gaze upon it with longing and fabled anticipation.

I've read the FAQ, I've read a copy of the manual someone posted here. And I've been reading plenty of posts. I think I'll be ready.

After reading Davimee's tale of woe regarding ordering through Car Toys, I have to say I'm pretty psyched that ordering directly from website has gone so smoothly and quickly. I ordered it last Thursday! (I'm glad she was finally able to get her reader.)

I realize it is the mark of an evolved human being to be able to take whatever life throws at us with some degree of calm and presence, but as someone who can 'over-think' things I really like to manage my expectations in order to enjoy a more 'glass half-full' experience of this amazing life I've been gifted with. Having this forum helps a lot in this effort.

I'll let y'all know what I think as I move through the process.

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