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When you mix a digital archivist project manager with 9.87 GIGS of inconsistently named and non-unified formatted fiction ebooks with a Sony Reader you get:

a) Something resembling a crack weasel
b) Sleep deprivation from too many nights <i>renaming</i> because the people who uploaded the books didn't believe in consistency
c) A very tired T3 and too many RSS torrent feets
d) All of the above

If you guessed D, you are correct! Absolutely correct!

Since I picked up a Sony PRS500 back in November, I've downloaded over 10 gigs (I've been sorting/removing duplicates/converting from .lit/.html etc) of fiction books and 120 Gigs of non-fiction (sorted by academic topic - thinking about shoving them all into the LCCN system if I could find a decent lookup system - and a nice way to convert the .djvu format for the Sony reader..)

I haven't started .lrf conversion yet, but looking for:
- a batch metadata eraser (to 'scrub' the files i've dl'ed, so I can at least sort by alpha filename)
- a .djvu converter
- <strike>a .pdf converter</strike> See there is one listed in the forums =D

Umberto Eco eat your heart out. ;p
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