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Originally Posted by Dr. Drib View Post
I feel other opinions and voices are needed and welcome on this subject other than mine and Harry's.

Looked at the preface to the wife of bath's tale in high school -- in a penguin edition that had the original middle english on the left page and a modern english translation on the right. It felt like the best of both worlds for me: you could (try to) read the middle english, get the flavour and flow of the text, but if you were getting stuck with spelling or vocabulary, flip to the other page and check out the translation. Lots of fun, really liked the side-by-side presentation. Would be quite tricky to arrange on the reader, though, except in a .pdf format with pre-determined page breaks with 2-columns and the reader on its side....

Anyway, thought I'd chime in as I *did* read the bold-faced sentence.


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