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Hi pricecw, sorry mate but our website is too dynamic by design not to use javascript. Also sorry to hear you had a bad e-bay experience but PayPal are still the best of the 'bad bunch'.

Hi Steve, same here, I think PayPal rocks, but then again everybody screws the pooch from time to time.

Hi Frank.w, yes, I have tasted cookies and they're mighty fine. I implemented cookies and auto-login after Harry made his cookie comment earlier. Sorry if I respond too fast to reuests, I don't want to give any-one head spins lol. I'm trying to avoid advertising as it is one of my pet hates on web-sites. We may accept ads from people or companies providing services to authors such as copyrighting etc at some point though.

Hi JSWolf, mate you'll have to convince the authors to give their work away gratis, if you succeed let me know and get them on the site , we can promise we'll continue to operate on the smallest profit margin possible to encourage low prices on eBooks though.
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