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Originally Posted by paulckennedy View Post
I can say that it is heavier than I expected. The eink is definitely faster than all of my versions of the Kindle ( I have owned all three )

The lcd is highly addictive. That being the case, I have played some with the eink but not enough to give my review yet.

Overall, I am highly impressed by everything about the eDGe except for its weight. The glossy blue case is definitely a finger print magnet. As soon as a Skinit is available, I will be buying a set to both protect my investment but also to hide the prints.

The stylus is really a simple plastic device. It's main advantage is how TIGHT it fits in the slot. You won't lose it by it falling out. That is for DAMN sure.

The hinge is very tight. The whole device feels like a professional tool. It has a lot of plastic but it definately doesn't feel cheap.

I have opened several pdfs and epubs on the eink side. Zoom and annotation works as advertised. Again it has very fast page turns. PDF reflow works. It resets the zoom level when you use it. Don't really know if it is a feature I will need but it definitely works great.

The picture tool works with even annotations which is cool. I haven't figured out how to save off the pictures that I take ( that will be cool if it is possible ) Work on the eInk side does not interfere with actions on the LCD side. It is truely a multitasking environment.

The Journal tool works exactly as demonstrated in the video. There is about a 3 second wait after pressing the Journal button for it to come up. It is the same amount of time to go back to the book mode.

I downloaded Sudoku Challenge from AndAppStore. Starting the app is slow but once up it works great!. The app comes up full screen except for the eDGe menu at the bottom of the Lcd screen. I would really like to know how to hide it except when on the Home Screen.

You can switch to the mail app without losing your place in the web app. Again it is definitely multitasking. I switched to using a usb keyboard a few minutes ago and it just works.

The money on the first releases wasn't placed in any fancy packaging. It had 3 layers of bubble wrap around it inside the FedEx package which showed just how nicely they cared for it.

I am just tickled pink.
with the e-ink side you can only read documents or you can do other things ?
if the answer is the first.. it's not much different from having an e-ink device plus a netbook.. you simply are avoiding to use a cable, and you are gaining instead a lot of unnecessary weight when you read stuff..

think about it..
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