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Just ordered an EZ Reader Pocket Pro as a "backup" to my PRS-600

Salutations One and All...

The Pocket Pro was near the top of my list when I was researching what my first eBook reader would be. Ultimately the Sony PRS-600 won out, and so far I am very happy with it. However, I soon learned that I've become addicted to the power of carrying lots of books with me wherever I go, so I decided to order the Pocket Pro as a second reader. A bit over-indulgent? Perhaps. But reading can be really good for you, right? Well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I realize every device has its "issues" and this is no doubt true with the Pocket Pro. However, having this forum, and company-affiliated posters here (Hiya Robertb!) give me greater confidence that whatever issues I might encounter stand a better chance of being resolved with minimal stress. And unlike with Sony (unfortunately), Astak seems to be a bit more "actively invested" in addressing their customer's concerns. (No offense to Sony intended--it's just been my experience and what I've read of others.)

To wit, some PRS-600 owners, myself included, are experiencing an "issue" with text rendered in bright sunlight being faded and unreadable. (This is being discussed at length on another thread here.) If I learn that I can replace my Sony for one that doesn't suffer from this, I'll want a "backup" to use while I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive. Plus...I think it will be cool having two different readers. And I know I'll enjoy the unique capabilities of the EZ Reader just as I do my PRS-600. (Plus, I notice that several people here own more than one reader. So I won't be alone.)

Anyhow, I'll be following what's happening in this forum along with the other great forums here. I imagine you'll be hearing from me again with some questions now and again once I have my new Pocket Pro. If anyone wants to suggest any "quick start" ideas, I'm all ears. I understand I'll be needing to upgrade the firmware, amongst other things. I also have read that there may be issues using Calibre as a book manager with the Pocket Pro...or that might be "old news."

It's great to be able to have the experience of so many others in all these "e-book" areas, from devices, to formats, publication creation, etc. Very, very cool.

p.s. I ordered a blue one from - I hope that was the right choice. I see that New Egg sells them and I guess I could have purchased mine there. We'll see how it all turns out.
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