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Entourage eDGe First Impressions

Went home and got the eDGe. It was delivered by FedEx at 10:15 AM ET. I took it out of the box, played with it for literally 5 minutes, then plugged it to charge for 8 hours (as indicated in the quick instructions that come in the box). I had to come back to work for a meeting. Here is a very quick first impressions.

1. Excellent quality, solid, for the overall unit
2. Fingerprint magnet (mine is the default blue one)
3. Stylus could have been of better quality
4. Booted up in 15 seconds
5. Good response time and fast menu navigation (faster than I expected)
6. Fast eInk (faster than Kindle DX, faster than Astak, faster than Nook, fastest I have seen so far).
7. Heavier than I expected

I plan a full review in the next few days.
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