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"fsk error code=-43" from PRS-300

Hi I recently got this error when I plugged my 300 and auto-launched Library.
Searching around in the forums I found this for a 505:
Originally Posted by netseeker View Post
Usually that means that there is too less space left on the internal memory or sd-card or memory stick. It could also mean that the filesystem is corrupt.
Now my 300 has nigh 400mb free so maybe it's a corrupt filesystem.
A few questions if anyone's able to throw any light on them:
  • Do I need to do a hard reset? Will it help?
  • -are there any dangers to this?
  • Noticed this problem after I used Calibre to delete a book within the 300. Anybody else experienced this?
I ask these questions partly cos,while the clunky Sony Library app won't play nice with the 300, Calibre works just fine with it. hence, if hard-restting is likely to cause me grief, I rather just continue with Calibre.

P.S. Anyone know any way of preventing Sony Library app from auto-launching?
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