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Well, some progress (sort of). I wanted to try out the Daniel (UK) vf file on the Kindle, so I SCPd it to the /usr/lib/tts/speech/components/data directory, only to find that the Kindle doesn't have enough internal memory to store more than the two voices that it comes with (each voice is about 100MB). I moved the Samantha voice to the /mnt/us partition (the flash partition that you see when you connect your Kindle), then moved the Daniel voice files in.

I tried replacing Tom with Daniel (i.e. re-naming the Daniel voice files as if they were Tom), but I received an "unexpected error" (see the gif attachment).

Then I tried restoring the Tom files one by one, starting with the us_tom_full.dat, then trying the speech between each one. Well, it worked, but the speech is garbled - but you can tell that it is Daniel's voice. Listen to the attached sound bite to hear the results.

So the us_tom_full.dat file is connected to the shared library. No surprise, but it was interesting that RealSpeak had no issues using Daniel's 80MB dat voice file as if it were Tom's. This just underscores the fact that if I obtain a Daniel (or any other voice) .so file, TTS will be more than happy to speak using the replaced voice.

As always, comments or suggestions are welcome. Maybe this thread belongs in the developer area now?
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