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Originally Posted by =X= View Post
So I did as you suggested and listed to the interview on the commute to work. I have to say it was a great interview!
Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for posting!

Here's an update to the GPS voice progress: TomTom GPS units use the same processor as the Kindle, and have TTS capabilities. I did manage to get my hands on the "Tom" voice for the TomTom, but sadly, the Nuance Vocalizer Mobile v5 used for GPSes and Phones, etc. is missing some critical files required for the Kindle's RealSpeak Solo.

I've also analyzed the Windows versions of the US Tom and UK Daniel RealSpeak voices (demos available here), and there is literally only one required file that is different (vf_tom_full.dll instead of Unfortunately, these files are voicefont shared libraries, which, from what I can surmise, are Markov-chain implementations for phoneme weighting and selection - practically impossible to re-create without the source, and they vary per voice.

I'll update my status if I make additional progress, but any insights would be appreciated.
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