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Originally Posted by Sonist View Post
It got me thinking: Apple is gearing up to create an iPhone-like (closed) ecosystem around its Macs.
It would lose too many customers.

Besides, while the iPad/iPod/iPhone are expected to run like appliances, it would be as counterproductive to apply the same metaphor to their computers as it was for various manufacturers trying to make the desktop metaphore apply to these type of appliances in the past.

Now, I personally think that the lack of Flash on the iPad will hurt Apple more than it will hurt Adobe. Particularly with Android being the closest competition to Apple's great UI we've ever seen. But it does seem this is part of a larger strategy by Apple.
How well does flash work on android? A serious question, I never tried android.

Anyway, there is room for both, at the same time, flash is a bad security vector and I think it's best role is for games and the like, not trying to be everything interactive on a website like menus and such. But it was HTML's fault for not filling the demand sufficiently when web 2.0 or whatever it's called was coming out.
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