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Question Xournal on the DR-800 - will it work?

Anybody know if the DR-1000 port will work as is, or is further tweaking needed for the DR-800?

It didn't even occur to me that you wouldn't be able to write on the screen (notes or annotations) before I sent my money to Best Buy in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday (admittedly a poor decision). By the time I figured out that this functionality wasn't included and called customer service (less than 2 hours later), my order had been "processed" and couldn't be canceled.

So my shiny new $400 toy arrived today, and here it sits, a perfect little internet-connected tablet that can't browse the web, pull down RSS feeds, check e-mail, or allow me to record anything more useful than a bookmark in an eBook. I'm looking for a reason to justify keeping it - really I am - but if I can't write on this thing in the next 29 days, it's getting dropped off at the nearest Best Buy and sent back to IREX to ripen.

I mean seriously - a Wacom Penabled device with no support for inking? None at all? It boggles the mind.

Thank God it's Linux.
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