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There is a ClickOnce extension for FireFox and a plugin for IE. If you have those disabled then you can download the ClickOnce setup.exe file:
This .exe is the same file that non-FF/IE users will receive when they go to the ClickOnce page.

BTW, once there is a release that could be deemed relatively stable and feature complete, I'll post a .zip in the Sourceforge file releases.

I changed the anchors to use id instead of name. You'll get an automatic update of the program after you've launched it twice. Thanks for pointing this out and please look for more errors like this.

The import feature is at the #2 spot on my to-do list. First is to add support for Css stylesheets, which I hope to complete or at least start today. Importing probably won't get started until next weekend.

Touch-up editing of imported text & html should work without any restrictions. There certainly needs to be better editing tools added to ePubHub.

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