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Thanks, downloading the series info is very handy.

I just tried it out and when after fetching the metadata, I get two results, both look similar in the results page. After playing with it a bit, I can see that selecting one of them will return the series info (the LT plugin) and the other will not.

If I only want the series info from the LT result, 1) How do I know which one is the LT result, and 2) Is it possible to use multiple results so that Calibre would grab Title, Autor, Publisher from one source, and then only grab the info it is missing from the next source? I use to use Book Collector and this is how it would work, you could specify which metadata sources you want, put them in top to bottom order in terms of metadtata source preference, and when fetching metadata info it went down the list and would pull meta info for empty fields. So it would be possible to have 4 meta sources, and the 1st source could have all of the info, but if it was missing, say, reviews, it would go through the remaining metasources looking for that info.


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