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Here's my attempt at translating that post:

2) Ensure the reader has more than 3 bars of battery life. Take out the card. Link to the computer using usb.

3) Unpack the file to c: then copy the test folder to reader's root menu.

4) Copy the font files into C:\Program Files\Sony\Reader\Data\fonts. If its 64bit system, copy them to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Reader\Data\fonts. These will replace the original files (backup first). This will allow the reader library to support chinese.

5) Click Start, search, enter CMD. Under c:\prs menu, execute ebook_msc.exe PRS600
C:\prs>ebook_msc.exe PRS600
Sony Reader MSC utility 1.01 (c) 2009 Igor Skochinsky, Vladimir Boroda
avail: 1
usbInitCheck: 0
writefile(/dev/mtdblock4, 0, 4096): 0
writefile(/opt0/UsbUpdater, 0, 3866): 0
Sometimes, the screen will indicate “Device is not connected to PC”. In that case, repeat the procedure above and it should be alright. If it still doesn't work, replug the usb and try again.

6) Remove prs600 temp folder(?). Plug out the usb. Do some action (sorry i don't have the reader so i don't know which action that is) to restart the reader. Reader will restart, if there's time indication on the reader, its a success. If the screen indicates “Firmware Update did not complete successfully ”, don't panic. Plug in the usb again and use the official firmware to reset the reader.

If the menu library has chinese words in ascii, copy a tt0011m_.ttf into \Sony\Reader\Data\bin\ to solve the problem during step 4 above.

Txt files must be saved in unicode format, not ansi.
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