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Thanks guys. I was just really frustrated this morning.

LCF, my eyes are the main reason behind my decision to by an eReader. I've been reading on my laptop for over a year and my already bad eyes are getting worse. That and I can't really lie down while reading with my Dell

Solicitous, I hadn't heard the rumours of the V3 upgrade, but it sounds interesting. One of the reasons I wanted the V3 (Pocket Pro) over the V3 was the page turn speed, I saw a video where the V3 (it was the EcoReader actually) seemed really slow and I knew it would annoy me a lot.

Also Solicitous, I just noticed you own the Pocket Pro - is it comfortable device for reading novels on? I'm just trying to imagine what reading a normal-sized paperback is like on a 5" device. I've been driving my husband nuts for the last few weeks talking about eReaders and he finally just said get whatever one I want now (birthday in March) and if something better comes out around Christmas (or I want something bigger) then I can just buy another one. I just hate wasting money and I want to make sure I get one I am happy with.

I'll check out that thread and see what I can find.

Thanks again for you help
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