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When my daughter and I decided to get Kindles, we did a lot of research and looked at an amazing amount of accessories. Finally after much looking and drooling we made our decisions.

We each picked out a cool decal skin to personalize our Kindles, screen protectors, a silicon case for protection and to make it easier to hold onto and a nice neoprene case for overall protection when we put it in our purse or bag. We were pretty sure that we had it all covered and waited anxiously for it to all arrive.

Of course it didn't all arrive at once. The Kindles arrived first. A few days later the screen protectors arrived, then the decals, then a few days later the silicone cases.

Things were all working out just perfect. We had received all our accessories except the neoprene cases. So although we had been enjoying our Kindles to no end, we were leery of taking them anywhere.

Finally the neoprene cases showed up today. YAY!

Then we discovered that the Kindle in a silicone case does not fit into the neoprene case. Hmmm, that will take some rethinking.

Daughter is planning to just switch back and forth between her cases as needed.

I on the other hand am a rather stubborn sort, so I am currently trying to stretch out my neoprene case so that I can use both like I had originally planned.

Yeah, I know go ahead and laugh, I am fully aware that the neoprene probably won't stretch and I will be switching back and forth like my daughter.
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