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ePubHub, an open-source eBook assembly app for Windows

I'd like to introduce ePubHub, an open source program that I've been working on for several months. It is written in .Net but only runs on Windows. There is no Linux or Mac OS X support because the cross-platform .Net runtime Mono doesn't support Wpf.

Download the installer:

To get started using ePubHub, right click on the eBook or Metadata icon and Add any of the available items from the menu.

My goal for ePubHub was for it to be an ePub assembly tool - the last part of an ebook workflow. I wanted it to be a very technical program, giving access to the fundamental parts of the ePub format while also working in a language that is familiar to books (chapters, paragraphs, etc.).

Here's a screenshot of the current development build:

This is a preview release that is far from complete. There are a number of limitations, including:
  • The Open/Save feature does not work (exporting to ePub works).
  • Only .jpg images are supported.
  • Audio not implemented yet.
  • A few of the eBook item types are not implemented and will appear to crash if you try to export them into an ePub file. Do not use the Notes, Sidebar or Endnote controls.
  • A few of the eBook items are rendered incorrectly and will cause the ePub file to be invalid. Do not use the Underline control.
  • The source code will throw unhandled exceptions in a few places (mostly when using the unimplemented controls such as Sidebar). These will appear to crash the program if you do not have a debugger installed. These issues are known and will be addressed in due course.

Note: Do not worry if you see an item whose icon is an image of an exclamation point inside a red circle. This does not indicate an error. It's simply a placeholder icon being used until a better icon can be found.

Source code is available at the Sourceforge website, on this page:

Please give feedback on this preview release.


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