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Originally Posted by pdurrant View Post
Oh - having double-checked, I find I was wrong in my initial assumption - that title couldn't be in unicode. If the book is set up as a UTF-8 book, then the title field in the first record is stored and interpreted as UTF-8.

Of course, that means that in Windows Latin-1 Mobipocket books it's interpreted as Windows Latin-1 encoded. So it's not possible to give a unicode name to just any Mobipocket book, but it should be possible on Unicode Mobipocket books.

I have much too much on at the moment, but it's an interesting idea.
That's correct, pdurrant!
In fact whenever I want to change an ebook's title, I have to
1) Edit the title in NotePad and save it as text file in UTF-8.
2) View the text file in hexadecimal (with Total Commander) and copy the title in hexa string.
3) Open the eBook in WinHex, locate the original title and replace it with the title in step 2. Then find and update the title length in the eBook.

The above steps can help me to change UNICODE title if the eBook encoded in UTF-8 format, but not work with 1252 code page.

So I hope someone can write a Python script to do those steps.
And why Python? Because then I can run the script on my Nokia phone with Python for S60. I always enjoy eBooks on my Nokia E-series (E71).

The easiest way to have the eBook's title as we want is use MobiReader desktop version. With this, we can easily change the title and have the title saved in .MBP file. But then the eBook has to come along with .MBP file. I use this approach for eBooks encoded in 1252 format.

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