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Well, here's a complete list of voices from Nuance's demo site:

It seems that there are many Kindle users who would like to try out different voices. Here's a complete list of voices at Nuance (available to try via their interactive demo):

American English (Tom, Donna, Jill, Samantha)
Australian English (Karen, Lee)
Basque (Arantxa)
Belgian Dutch (Ellen)
Brazilian portuguese (Raquel)
British English (Daniel, Emily, Serena)
Canadian French (Felix, Julie)
Catalan (Nuria)
Czech (Zuzana)
Danish (Ida)
Dutch (Claire)
Finnish (Mikko)
French (Sebastien, Virginie)
German (Beate, Steffi, Yannick)
Greek (Alexandros)
Hong Kong Cantonese B5 (Sin-Ji)
Indian English (Sangeeta)
Irish English (Moira)
Italian (Paolo, Silvia)
Japanese (Kyoko)
Korean (Narae)
Mandarin Chinese B5 (Mei-Ling)
Mandarin Taiwan (Ya-Ling)
Mexican Spanish (Javier, Paulina)
Norwegian (Stine)
Polish (Agata)
Portuguese (Joana, Madalena)
Russian (Katerina, Milena)
Scottish English (Fiona)
South African English (Tessa)
Spanish (Diego, Isabel, Monica)
Swedish (Alva)
Turkish (Aylin)

If anyone has a RealSpeak ARM-based voice from another product (GPS, Windows Mobile, etc.) please post here.

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