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The Phantom Returns (Based on The Phantom of the Opera)

What happens when the Phantom decides to return? A book published by Lily Shana. For more details, please visit


The Phantom Returns
By Lily Shana



“When Christine first met the Phantom, she was scared. Well, most people would also be scared if they looked at the Phantom. Anyway, Christine has been away from the Phantom for a very long time. She is starting to forget his face, but the Phantom has never forgotten hers. He still remembers when Christine was his. All his! He remembers all.

How he kidnapped her down underneath the Opera house;
The way she gasped in terror when she saw his true face;
The look of horror mingled with fear within her eyes;
The way their voices were in harmony when she sang with him;

He remembers when Raoul tried to take his Christine away from him. He remembers feeling relish when he saw Raoul and the Persian stuck in the chamber. Their screams of pain were something that no one could forget after all.He remembers the agony that he felt when he let Christine go away with Raoul. That was where she belonged after all.

Most of all, he remembered her promise that she would come and bury him when he had died. Just her and no one else! He also remembered the ring that he gave her. The ring that she was supposed to keep with her at all times.

Now, in the present, he was growing old.

The time had come for him to send for her, for her to be there when he died.

Yes, the time had come…”
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