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Best way to read Mobipocket files on the iPhone/iPod Touch

i will get an iPod Touch next week. Now I have to figure out how to move my selfmade Mobipocket-books (all of them are DRM-free) to my iPod, and which App to use to read them.

Thats what I think of now:

Reading with the Kindle-App.
I would love to, because I don't have to convert my books. But how do I get my own files inside the App without paying? Jailbreak?

Reading with Stanza.
I don't know... I would have to convert them and maybe loose a lot of formating, right?

Reading with Bookshelf.
Haven't seen much Sreenshots yet, but I don't like the user-interface. Is it even possible to get full justification?

Am I missing some Apps that are reading mobi-files? When I find a way of getting my own files inside the Kindle-App all my Problems would be solved.
There are only some things important to me:
- Nice library-view (at least small covers)
- Justification, centering and page-breaks are working.
- All characters are working (I'm german, so theres plenty of '', '', '', '')
- Auto-hyphenation would be great, but is not so necessary

I hope you guys can help me.


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