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Originally Posted by jessie102 View Post
yes, if Calibre could interface to Task Scheduler then it would solve half the problem.

It also has to make sure auto-suspend doesn't happen while Calibre is processing jobs. Calibre will most likely get interrupted during a long fetch job lasting more than the count-down suspend timer. Since most computers are set to 1 hour, many large RSS recipes may never complete.
OK, I might have a solution for you, depending a bit on how computer savvy you are.
I have a HTPC which also runs Calibre every morning around 7:30am for which I have made a Scheduled Task which wakes the HTPC and runs Calibre. I have a couple of news source scheduled inside Calibre to fetch my news and I keep Calibre running for around 45 minutes after which it is automatically killed by the Schedular. Normally I plug my reader into the HTPC after 7:30 and leave it until I'm pretty sure all the news has been transferred automatically to it. Then I press CTRL-SHIFT-F1 and my reader is Safely Removed, the red light goes of. Around 8:10 my HTPC goes to sleep until it needs to record something.

If the news feeds take a lot of time you need to stop the auto suspend once you have Calibre running and when it has finished it should be enabled again. This is possible, have look at the following post from ''
What it boils down to is a batch file that should do something like this:
- first disable suspend
- run Calibre (which gets all the news)
- monitor if it is still receiving news
- if not enable suspend

There are some problems left depending on how automated you want it. Not knowing exactly what you want and how you workflow is I can only give you the above to build upon.

If you've got more questions, go ahead ask them ;-)


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