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MXC 31L kernel configuration

I extracted the MXC kernel configuration.

Several interesting points:
1. MXC-MMC is enabled. Actually the internal memory is connected through a SDIO interface <sdio 0 on option 3>
2. The 3G module is using an SPI interface, which uses <option 2>
3. The audio device is using I2C to comunicate with the audio codec via GPIO option 1

So, bottomline, all the SPI like external interfaces are used.
It will be possible to enable the SDIO interface to connect an external SD card, but that will mean that we either loose one of the previous devices...
The ideal will be to replace the internal memory with a much bigger external memory by replicating the rootfs into the external interface.

Actually what it may make sense is that the unpopulated SD interface was used during development as a way to bypass the internal SD/MMC card... When they got to the final product the just unpopulated the connector and removed zero ohms registors...

Anyone wants to do some hacking?
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