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Question App idea feedback

Hi - I posted this to the Content area as well, before I realized this would be a better place to ask my question. Apologies for crossposting. I'm asking advice about an app I'm considering building using the KDK.

What I'm wondering is if anybody here thinks it would be a good idea to use your Kindle to access all the attachments (word documents, powerpoint files, spreadsheets, etc) in your email. That is, you could see lists of all the attachments you've ever received in your email, search them, etc. and if you want, select them and then have them accessible on your Kindle (usually as a PDF).

In my imagination the typical user would be somebody who always has their Kindle with them anyhow, and could fire it up on the train or whatever to review a proposal, look at a Word doc they were supposed to read, etc. and be able to do so spontaneously, without remembering to copy the file the day before.

I think *I'd* use it, but I'd like to know at least one other person would too, before I spend a month of my life building it.
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