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Device: Sony Reader PRS-600
Brand new Reader, bad screen display

I upgraded my old PRS-500 to the 600 Touch edition which I purchased online from Sony Style, and planned to return the 500 for the $75 rebate. The 600 arrived on Friday. I have a barrel charger which I used to charge it overnight, the successfully authorized the device on Saturday. I had already purchased one book for the 600 and had no trouble moving that book from the Reader software to the Touch. All was well. I thought I was set.

Then yesterday I got the Touch out and was learning how to use it, exploring the options, calibration, etc. As a PDA user for years, I know how to use a stylus so I'm not a newbie. As I was changing the orientation, the display got completely garbled and now looks like an incomplete etch-a-sketch with ghost lines and a few odd marks. Soft and hard resets did not solve the problem. The power switch doesn't always work now, but it's hard to tell if the device is on or not because of the bad display, and the lights don't always come on. When I power on/off, the welcome screen flashes clearly for about one second, and then the display returns to a mangled mess.

I chatted with online Sony help, and they suggested I return the device. I've got the return merchandise authorization and will return it tomorrow.

After reading through the forums, I cannot figure out how this happened, and my only thought is that this is a bum device. I didn't drop it or damage it in any way. In fact, I've hardly had a chance to do anything with it.

I have it back on the charger at the moment and the red light has come on, but the display is still crapped out.

Other than returning the device for a replacement, have any of you seen or heard of this issue?
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