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Reader frozen, help!

My prs300 is totally frozen! The day before yesterday, I was reading and got a low battery warning. It was late, so I plugged it in to charge overnight. I unplugged it the next morning and it showed a full battery. Later that day, I started reading, but noticed the font had been changed from small to medium. I switched it to large, then back to small... but when it was switching back to small, the screen flashed onto the home screen and I got a "loading" message with the little turning arrows. Well, it's stuck there. The arrows aren't turning anymore, it still says Loading... but nothing is happening.

I left it for a good hour with nothing. I tried to power it off, but it wouldn't turn off. I tried a hard reset (with the small reset button in the hole on the bottom) and that won't even shut it down.

Now what? It's been sitting there stuck on the loading home page for over 24 hours. I've periodically tried to power it off and reset it, but neither works. Is there anything else I can do?
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