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Originally Posted by Paul58 View Post
You don't have to wait, if it's plugged into the computer USB port, you have to eject the nook in order to use it (from within My Computer, right click on the nook icon and choose eject), but if it's plugged into the wall outlet, you're good to go!
Thanks Paul! I did wait for a first full charge (only took 2 hours and the yellow light went out), so I was up and running! I like my nook so far, but I have to get used to the touch screen (I'm spoiled by all the hardware buttons on my Sony 505!). I am surprised by how tricky it is to swipe-turn a page on the bottom display, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Now I just need to figure out how to "register" the nook on my sony e-book store, so I can read the books I purchased there on the nook...
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