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Like you, I just picked up my nook in store today. I had an experience somewhat like yours.
I called first, and spoke to someone that told me they just got ten nooks in. I went to the store an hour later, and first there was no one around to help me at cust svc desk. When someone did show up, they said I could play with the demo all I wanted, but would have to order the nook online (this was her 1st day back to work after a long break, so she hadn't heard of the recent arrivals).
She found me a nook, took it to the front, and I bought it. While I didn't expect any unpacking instructions, I am used to looking at the packaging before I buy electronics, and had to ask if I could see it first. Surprisingly, there is really no info on the outside of the nook packaging.
But, I don't think any of this detracts from the quality of the item.

Good luck with yours!
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