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Bought a nook today in-store

Hi all,

I finally made up my mind today to buy a nook as my first e-reader. The store locator on said that most of the local stores (of which there are three within 5 miles of my house) had them in stock so I decided to go pick one up rather than order online.

The first store I went to didn't have any. They offered to order one, but I opted to go to another store instead. I got there and, not really knowing where they had them, went to Customer Service. The rep seemed to think they maybe had a few in stock and told me to go to the cash registers. The guy at the register was like "yea, we have some" when I asked. I had to then say "I would like to buy one, please" to prompt him to actually go retrieve one from the back.

In my opinion, they are not making it easy to actually buy one in person. Everyone I spoke to at both stores seemed to be a little surprised by my interest. I guess I kind of expected that when I asked at Customer Service, that the rep would actually make the transaction happen, and not just point me in the direction of the register.

I didn't receive any unpacking instructions, just the shrink-wrapped package itself. Luckily, I managed to unpack it without breaking anything.

I expect that my e-reader experience will only get better from here
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