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madmak began at the beginning.
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Got my nook today and the first thing I did was the softoot. the whole process took about 15 min and the Nook was ready to be used in its full glory. I'd highly recommend doing the softroot. Here are few things I have done and am enjoying
  1. Instructions to make the nooklauncher the default option were very straightforward. i copy-pasted the instruction into the ADB shell and voila - the annoying 2 options were gone.
  2. modified the settings database to allow installation of software. the instructions on Trook were spot on except the first part where it forgot to mention that you have to run ADB connect Nook_IP:5555 before you can run the ADB shell. once done, I can now update the apps from trook itself. very painless
  3. best way to know if an update is available is to see when the update was released. not seamless but very workable
  4. nookbrowser is amazing. love the way you can do the entire browsing on the lcd and only when you are ready to read, click one button and it transfers the page to the e-ink. Alex reader by spring design does this and i am happy Nook matches the functionality
  5. I am not sold on trook yet. not sure why and when to use it besides updating apps
  6. the main reason to softroot was the Mybooks app. most of the content i plan to read on Nook will be sideloaded via calibre and not having the coverflow mode or the sort capabilities was a big blocker. Mybooks app is amazing and a real pleasure to use. it does have a bug though that it cannot delete entries even after the actual file is deleted. would love if this would be fixed soon.
  7. wifi locker is really important if you are runnign remote ADB commands. make sure to turn it off when you are done or it will kill your battery life in minutes.

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