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Originally Posted by jswinden View Post
I think most of the complaints against the 900's screen are from people with little or no intuition or imagination. They look at the screen under one lighting condition and judge the 900.
I tested it in various lighting conditions and found the screen to be as you say under direct sunlight, diffused sunlight and under the travelflex light I purchased as well as my normal lighting conditions for reading. It looks very nice under those conditions; only lacking in sharpness due to the touch layer. I still need to shift around to find that sweet spot where the glare is not as noticeable. Even with the fantastic reading light I have, I always found myself going back to the prs300 screen regardless of lighting conditions.

Here is the point: I'm not paying $424 (tax) bucks for an reader that is nice in every other respect if I have to shift around so the glare doesn't bother me and even then have text that isn't quite as sharp. If it were cheaper, I'd be willing to compromise but not at that price. I gave it a fair chance of three weeks and just couldn't settle. I took mine back and am using a sony prs300 for now until I can make up my mind on which reader I want. Perhaps the bebook neo or boox since they have wacom screens that don't require that extra touch layer on top of the eink. I'm certainly spoiled by having the dictionary on the prs900 but the two readers I mentioned do support dictionaries.

PS: for those that went with a nook: How in the hell are you tolerating the sluggish firmware on those things. I've tried them, twice, and I just can't get myself to accept it. Perhaps it'll be better if you can slap on that custom apps. Maybe I'll get one from the store so I can try it on my own time my experience with the floor models made me feel like I was using software still in alpha development.

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