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Micro USB OTG Host Mode A?


looking at USB OTG specification shows that a additional (5!) pin is used to toggle between USB B (client mode, mem/charge/usbnetwork) and USB A Mode (host mode!) by connecting it to gnd or leave it open.

I tried to connect a Micro USB A to USB A Adapter plain and with a USB-Stick and with a USB-Hub (external powered), nothing happend
There are no signals raised like when normaly connected to a host (pc), no messages in the log.

So what does it mean?
Either it is a MicroUSB B port only, or it is a MicroUSB AB port and needs some configuration.

There must be USB host drivers because the modem in DXI uses the USB host pins on the mini pci-e connector.

Can anybody figure out if (from software) USB hub / sticks are supported,
if yes I would take the risk and solder some wires to the mini pci-e connector to get the USB pins.

any idea?
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