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Thank you Polly and Wallcraft again for very helpful advice. You seem to be saying that my impressions of fuzzy fonts on the SonyPRS505 are not justified. Having spent some time looking at photos on the web, I have found some with better definition on the Sony. I suspect that the problem is that the fonts on the Sony PRS505 are limited (only 3, apparently) and there are few sizes as well.
I imagine that the replacement that you suggest, Wallcraft, might improve the font display. Your remarks about Openinkpot make me want a Hanlin even more, but they are very hard to come by in Europe at anything like reasonable prices.
One more question on this: my impression is that the Sony PRS505 has wide margins on the text, thus displaying fewer words than the Hanlin for the same size font. Is this true?
Any other remarks or sharing of experiences on the display and fonts would interest me.
Thank you once again, Rojofo.
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