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Russian to English and vice versa?

Does the Jetbook translate Cyrillic Russian into English via it's internal dictionary as well as English to Russian? AND, are there different (most current) versions of the Jetbook to watch for?

I'll explain.

If I'm reading in Cyrillic Russian and "click" a word (or whatever you do do) will the dictionary just show me the definition in English? And vice versa.

From reading, I'm pretty clear Jetbook translates from English to Russian WHILE reading. In other words, like the Kindle, you continue to read and the dictionary is integrated (no need to leave the reading, open a dictionary, search for the word, and return back to your reading.) But, I'm not clear it works in reverse: read Russian and get English definition without leaving your "what you are reading".

Please let me know soon, as I'm dying to buy one NOW!!

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