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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
See Fonts and Epub - What works on Sony, Works for Pocket Pro too!

Replace DATA/FONT with abook/fonts and put the fonts in the "fonts" folder on the SD card. To use bold, add the following:
body {
    font-family: "Freestyle Script";
	font-weight: bold;
Note that you need to add the bold variant of the font as a font face for this to work as you would expect.
It worked! But it didnt work with some bold fonts, like tahoma bold and verdana bold. i put the

body {
font-family: "Freestyle Script";
font-weight: bold;

the font turned bold but the font style i wanted didnt take effect. i followed the procedure. Although i like the original font output of Calibre in bold, it would be nicer if i could use other bold fonts.
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