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From what I understood from the bokus, the cybook Opus is preloaded with 7 books and price will stay at 200€. They say that the price of the 7 books (new ones) should be 388€. But as they are nice with us they put it at 200€
Also it comes with the black jacket and 75 classics.
Just for the comparison :
Cybook Opus is 2 time faster and got 2 times more memory than the letto (Bebook mini renamed). It has also more battery life span.
Cybook Opus comes with an accelerometer (the same little thing that is inside iphone and ipod touch, you know the one that enable the screen to go from landscape to portrait by moving the device...)
Cybook design and touch feeling is a lot better.
Cybook Software is also more user-friendly.
so make your choice!

What, who said I'm french? ok I clearly prefer the Cybook Opus...

Well good day to all!
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