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Kindle DX won't Update :(

I installed EBS' screensaver hack to have the little lock icon instead of the author-pictures. Now I wanted to update the Kindle DX software from 2.1 to 2.3. That did not work. So I used the uninstall routine from the most recent package and then tried to load 2.3 again, this did not work either, the Kindle runs through the upgrade, but at the end it still says software version 2.1. I called Kindle support and they said I modified the Kindle ...
I tried the update_screensaverhack-uninstall-dx.bin again and it failed to install without leaving a log. Tried 2.3 one more time which did not work either. Then installed the new hack and uninstalled it, reset the DX to factory settings and did a hardware reset. Then tried 2.3 one more time, now it is not installing anymore but stops the installation saying that it failed.

I'm most concerned that I can not update when the folder support will materialize.
Last word from Amazon tech support is that they can't help and suggested to buy a new Kindle ...

Is there any way to bring the Kindle back to its original state so that Amazon's updates work?

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