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Another problem: computer to kindle download

Hello again, I am having another problem with trying to download from my computer to my kindle. I can't get wireless service so I have to use my computer to download from the web and then load to the Kindle. It has been weeks since I have done it and now I can't get it to work.

Below is a quote from a previous thread where i had asked for help with the same problem, and got an answer from "MITCH".

Assuming you are using Windows, if you go to Start and then Computer, this opens up the window showing your connected drives (e.g. C, D, etc).
In that window, you should see a drive called Kindle (or at least some indication of a new USB drive).
From there, double click on the kindle drive and you'll see some folders - one of which is documents.
Double click on documents and you should see any all all documents you currently have loaded on your kindle (as well as some other similarly named files).
Now, you can drag document(s) from your computer over to that documents folder on the kindle.
When you unplug your kindle from the computer, you'll see the new documents listed on your home page.
(All of this assumes, of course that the document is in a format that the kindle can understand.)

I can do every thing as describer above by Mitch G, but when I click on computer and it brings up "kindle", and I click on that there are no documents or folders to open, I had previously erased all the other books I had downloaded.
I've tried going to my document files and sending the folder from there to my kindle drive, and it will show up on the Kindle drive but when I try to send that folder from there to the actual kindle machine, I click on that folder and click 'send to' Kindle' it just duplicates the folder on the kinkle drive... I'm stumped, does anyone know what I may can do?

Also should say that I think I'm in the correct download format (mobi )

I called the help number on the amazon site but they were not very interested in helping me because i had not downloaded these books from their web site, so that was no help.

thanks for any suggestions
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