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Smile Advice for newbie please! Sony PRS505, Astak EZ reader, Hanlin V3, Cybook/Elonex 660e

Firstly I would like to thank those who have set up and maintain this very helpful site and those who give their time and experience to help newbies like me. Mobile read has helped me to clarify my ideas about buying my first ebook reader.

I would now appreciate any advice to help me make my decision. I am thinking about buying either a Sony PR505, a BeBook (which I take to be a European version of the Astak EZ reader) or an Elonex 660 or similar fairly basic readers.

I would like to explain how I have narrowed down to these models but would appreciate more experienced users helping me, perhaps by explaining that I have not properly understood the qualities of these devices. In fact I have only actually seen the Sony but have never used it and have only seen photos and videos of the others. I have no "hands on" experience of a reader at all, and my ideas may be quite wrong.

1. My budget is fairly restricted, about US $200 (i.e. 150 euros or British pounds, approximately). Consequently, I will probably need to buy second hand and to look for a bargain!

2. I prefer a 6-inch screen since, having no experience, I may find the page-turning black flash unpleasant (there seem to be very different individual reactions to this) and there should be fewer page turns with a bigger page. I am well aware that this choice poses a big problem for my budget!

3. I will only be using this reader for downloading freely available classics (prose and poetry, with the proper format for lines of poetry). So I don't need compatibility with complex DRM formats. Similarly I don't need and can't afford Wi-Fi or wireless connexions. I am happy to use a USB connexion to my computer.

4. I am a Mac user and I think the Astak/Bebook pose no problem for the formats I want, but there seem to be some issues with the Sony PRS505.

5. The crispness of the screen is important for me and the Sony PRS505 seems less crisp than others. Experienced opinions on comparisons on this question would be very useful for me!!

6. I am probably wrong on this, but it seems that the Sony has only ugly fonts (Ariel, Helvetica type "sans serif", which I detest, or Courier) whereas the others allow more choice. I actually prefer more elegant and legible fonts like Mac Palatino or, even more luxuriously, Bernhard Modern! This question is rarely mentioned on the forum. It this because fonts are easily changed, even on the Sony? I really need more information on this question.

7. The Sony is very easily available second hand, while the others are harder to come by, at least in France where I live, so it would have my preference it the screen problems (crispness and availability of more legible fonts) were not significant. Aesthetically the Astak appeals to me more with its nice covers, but that is a very individual question.

Without wishing to overcomplicate (!!), I should say that the small Sony PRS300 would probably suit me, if I had more experience of the page-turning problem with small pages!

Once again thanks for your patience any advice on these or other readers. Rojofo.
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