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Originally Posted by elcreative View Post
Igorsk hit it spot on... if there are no books then it doesn't show... Mike is right about some devices having size limitations but the last Sony to have any size limit (with SDHC cards) was the 505 and that was fixed with the firmware update (the one that also allowed ePubs).
It certainly didn't complain!
Thanks to you and the others for replying. Actually, what I did not long after writing the original post was download Calibre. Using that, everything proved to be straightforward: I used its tool to load some books onto the card and subsequently they showed up in the Books UI when the reader resumed, along with the little "card" marker that was mentioned here.

Originally Posted by elcreative View Post
All current Sony eReaders are perfectly happy with 16GB SDHC cards but just because you can read a card this size doesn't mean you can fill it and use easily. After a few thousand books, the Sony scan gets very long winded... we are talking hours after loading books whilst it rescans.
Hmmm...I didn't think of that. Actually, I didn't have 100% success with the Synch tool, not helped by the fact that the doc in both the Reader Library help and the User Guide seem to be describing how to do that on a different device altogether. Contrary to instructions, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the auto-synch and do it manually. It referred to a "Synch Now" button that isn't there and to context menus that are not there, either.

Thanks, folks, I'm getting there. Doing research reading PDFs on LCD screens was becoming impossible. The characteristics of the reader seem to suit just fine for studying in bed!

Cheers, Helen
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